Delayed Sound

Job one is installing the Miditzer and getting it configured
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Re: Delayed Sound

Post by markey111 » Mon Jul 23, 2012 4:27 pm

thanks Jim looks complicated lol
I have just tried the organ thru the headfones/headfone jack for the first from the computer.... no latency at all, with miditzer priority at normal, the difference is unbelievable.

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Re: Delayed Sound

Post by fotso » Wed Nov 06, 2019 9:16 am

Do also check the "tone" setting or the "velocity curve" settings.

I use a Casio WK8000 keyboard for the solo & I notice that if the tone is set to "Drawbar Organ mode", latency (delayed sound) is much lower than if the tone is left on the default "Stereo piano".

Perhaps, the "velocity curve" of the default "piano tone" in some retail keyboards & digital pianos do contribute to the increased latency (delayed sound) when playing the miditzer.

Since my discovery, I have always use the "organ mode" on the Casio keyboard to play the miditzer. I have also turned off the "velocity setting" of my m-audio Oxygen 61. This keyboard now instantly output note-on at constant value of 64 making it behave like an organ keyboard(rather than like a piano with delayed hammers).

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Re: Delayed Sound

Post by Jim Henry » Thu Nov 07, 2019 12:40 am

Hi fotso,

Welcome to the Miditzer Forum. You are posting on a thread that has been inactive for a long time. Activity in this Forum has gotten very low. But I do still drop in regularly and try to answer questions as best I can. You will probably get a better answer by starting a new topic that describes your configuration and the issues you are having.

It seems like you are concerned about the delay between pressing a key and hearing the sound. This is a complicated issue because the Miditzer does not produce any sound at all! The Miditzer receives MIDI messages and then produces different MIDI messages to simulate the sound of a Wurlitzer pipe organ based on the MIDI messages it received. Something else has to take the MIDI messages produced by the Miditzer and turn them into sound. That is where almost all the delays occur.

To make it easier to get started using the Miditzer, the FluidSynth software synthesizer is set up as part of the installation process of the Miditzer. There are configuration changes that can reduce the delays when using FluidSynth. Or you can configure the Miditzer to send the MIDI Out messages elsewhere to be turned into sound. The possibilities are almost endless. This can become a very complex issue if you want it to be.

FWIW, there is a considerable delay between pressing a key and hearing the sound when you play a real Wurlitzer pipe organ. A lot of that is due simply to the distance between the pipes and the organist. Sound only travels about 1000 ft/sec. Pipes can easily be 40 feet from the organist. So it might take 40 mSec for the sound to reach the organist. Most people start to hear a delay when it exceeds 20 mSec.
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Re: Delayed Sound

Post by csw900 » Fri Nov 08, 2019 3:38 am

Hi Jim

Yes I am still looking at your forum now and again to see if anything interesting crops up.

I think most users (including me) would regard the fluidsynth component as being part of the Miditzer. The Miditzer will not do anything of much use without it.

However I think you have missed the fotso's point. As indicated by fotso, the latency in this case is in the Casio WK8000 keyboard not the Miditzer. Also it can be removed by using the keyboard in the correct "organ mode".

We all know that Miditzer latency is negligible (including the fluidsynth). If there is any noticeable latency it will be due to using the Miditzer on a computer without a suitable hardware sound card (or suitable built in sound system such as HD sound).


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