Best Laptop for Miditzer

Job one is installing the Miditzer and getting it configured
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Re: Best Laptop for Miditzer

Post by Organmarine » Wed Jan 09, 2013 11:00 am

greenfox wrote:I would suggest your best direction would be a second hand laptop.

Dual Core Intel processor. 2.5GHz processor speed or better (an important specification)
At least 2GB RAM.
Yes, definitely Windows XP suits Miditzer best.

I would not recommend any of the new low cost laptops for the job.

Thanks for that.Greenfox. Just picked up a Samsung 2GHz Duo processor with 6GB RAM & 17" screen. £280.
This was a factory return, checked out, and sent to a distributor in Swindon. It is brand new.
My wife looked at it and now she wants one!

TC my friend.
Best wishes.

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