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Safe Download Site??

Posted: Mon Apr 08, 2013 2:39 am
by rbruce1314
Yesterday I decided to install the miditzer 216. I was directed to CNET as the only download site.

Downloaded, went to install - wisely opened "custom install" and declined the toolbar, search engine etc and everything else.

Despite that, I got infested with malware - free games, site changers etc., and spent over two hours - doing a system restore first (I had sensibly taken advice to install a mini-program which creates a restore point in W7 every midnight) - didn't cure the browser fault but got rid of the junk - replacing the browser profile (totally unsuccessfully....) then uninstalled/reinstalled Firefox (nothing doing) finally going back to a 6 month old completely out-of-date profile which actually worked - but then needed everything (bmks, addons etc.) refreshing.........

End of sob-story: but:
1.It 's a warning to others not to trust CNET - I later looked on the net and it seems that malware bundled into innocent downloads (by CNET not the developers) is now a very common feature with them and the 'good' advice is to avoid CNET altogether.

2. Is there another download site I can try? Filehippo don't have it and I can't find anywhere else.

Please anyone? Any safe copies around?

Re: Safe Download Site??

Posted: Mon Apr 08, 2013 9:38 am
by Jim Henry
Sorry to hear of the bad experience through CNET. I wasn't happy when they added the "download helper" that piggybacked advertising on the Miditzer download. However, I understand the need to pay the bills and does get the Miditzer out to a lot more people than can. But I am surprised that a CNET download would bring along malware. I suspect that someone has hacked the CNET site to cause that.

Anyway, a direct download is available here: ... 4&iType=17

It should be about a 4.3Mb download.

Re: Safe Download Site??

Posted: Tue Apr 09, 2013 5:11 am
by rbruce1314
Thanks for that link Jim - I'll get it immediately.

The worrying thing was that even after restoring both Avast AND, later, Malwarebytes, both of which had got disabled (yes,really, it was that bad...), my weekly Spybot check turned up two MORE unwanted programs hidden in the program file folder - and missed not only by System restore but also Avast (when reinstalled) and Malwarebytes (when reactivated). It's really nasty stuff and CNET really should be doing something before their reputation gets ruined for good.

I'm fine now thanks to you, but could the .exe files be hosted by Filehippo as well, which still has a perfect reputation?