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Posted: Mon Sep 26, 2005 9:15 pm
by lovelowrey
I am using a Lowrey SU series organ feeding an M-Audio USB
Uno into a Toshiba 8100 laptop running Miditzer V0.4.  The Lowrey has two 61 note manuals and a 25 note pedal board each
with descrete midi channel assignment capability. I also have the m110 soundfonts
working through an Audigy 2 NX. As long as I do not operate a registration
button on the Lowrey, the Miditzer works great.

I set Midi-OX to block ALL midi messages coming from the
Lowrey except for Note On/Off. Whenever I operate a preset registration key on
the Lowrey, it resets the current Miditzer Combination tab settings to OFF.
Midi-OX does not see any valid midi syntax coming from the Lowrey, even with
all filtering Off.  If I block ALL midi
messages through the Midi-OX, including Note On/Off, Miditzer will not respond
BUT still resets all Miditzer tabs to Off when I change a Lowrey preset. I have
not been able to determine the exact cause as yet but I would like to know if
there is a way to prevent valid or invalid messages over the midi channel from
operating or releasing the Miditzer Combination pistons and Cancel functions.
Since Midi-OX is not able to block whatever is causing this problem, I would
like to disable the function in Miditzer or via other software. Of course I
still need Note On/Off capability.  I
can set up and release Miditzer registrations using the keyboard/mouse until I
determine what is causing this data link problem. Can you offer any form of

Thanks,  Lovelowrey.

Posted: Mon Sep 26, 2005 9:54 pm
by Jim Henry
I am surprised that the Miditzer is reacting to a MIDI message that
MIDI-OX does not see. Permit me to ask some basic questions just so we
don't go marching off and overlook something obvious.

Does MIDI-OX receive the MIDI In from the Uno and put MIDI Out on one Midi Yoke?

Does Miditzer receive MIDI In only from that one Midi Yoke? Only that one Midi Yoke listed in the Active MIDI In Devices box?

And then, as a test, does shutting down MIDI-OX stop the Miditzer from receiving any input from the Lowrey?

Are you displaying both the Input and Output monitors in MIDI-OX?

Empty both displays by using the delete X on the toolbar. Press a Lowrey preset. Do you see anything in either window?

If not, select Options, MIDI Filter... and clear any boxes that may be
checked in Filter or Channels.  (It just occurred to me that you
may be using this as your data filter.  I guess it would work but
I've never used this facility. I think this is intended primarily as a
display filter.) Try the foregoing test again.

Jim Henry38621.9549074074

Posted: Tue Sep 27, 2005 11:34 am
by lovelowrey

Thanks for your very timely response and tips. After
reviewing your reply I realized that the MidiYoke had to be my problem. It was
configured incorrectly and what I was seeing on the Midi-OX was not what
Miditzer was seeing. After I reconfigured the Yoke I was able to block any
message coming from the Lowrey. When I block Program Changes, Midi-OX and
Miditzer responded correctly.

After I become more familiar with the interactive workings
of OX, Yoke, Miditzer, Audigy and the limitations of my old laptop running on
Win98 (ugh) I will program my Lowrey presets and Miditzer Combination keys to
work harmoniously.

Your wonderful program, along with Bruce’s fonts have me
hooked on augmenting my Yamaha and Lowrey voices. As a hunt and peck player
using as few fingers as possible, I will not need all the polyphony capability
that you “real” organ players need, so one sound board should do it for me.

There is a gent in NJ that has 2 theatre organs and a hybrid
installed in his place of business and I see him play whenever my grandchildren
want to visit his place (Bruce Williams
Zaccagnino at Northlandz, The Great American Railway Museum).  I only wish I had the talent!!  Thanks again for clearing up my start-up

Posted: Tue Sep 27, 2005 1:40 pm
by Jim Henry
Glad you were able to sort things out. MIDI-OX and Midi Yoke are
confusing at first. Once you get the hang of it, you'll view them as
indespensible tools.

Documentation is way behind for 0.40. Here's the deal with setting up the Lowrey presets in a nutshell:

Miditzer combination pistons are activated by MIDI  Program Change
(PCxx) messages.  PC01 to PC10 on the same channel as the keyboard
will activate the 10 pistons for that keyboard.  PC123 to PC127
are the special pistons with PC124 being General Cancel.

Let me know if you need more information than that for what you want to do.