Setup with USB

You need one or moreMIDI keyboards to really play the Miditzer
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Setup with USB

Post by Joe Roberts » Thu Apr 16, 2015 2:44 pm

Still putzing around....finding new ways to use my Miditzer.....Here's the latest......
If you don't know by now (tells you how behind I, maybe this will help if you have graduated beyond the old MIDI/interface cord setup.....
I recently purchased a small HP Windows-8.1, SSD notebook....and I successfully DL Miditzer 216 plus a bunch of donor MIDI files.....
I mentioned earlier that I can use it plugged into a soundbar as an amplified "jukebox" great....
Well, besides my other Major setups (using the old MIDI) which I enjoy along with my 260SP.....I Wanted to connect a Yamaha keyboard (psrE413) to my new notebook.....After DL the correct Driver from Yamaha, I was instantly playing the Miditzer, albeit, instead of splitting the miditzer keyboards, I just combined them into one.(no pedals, of course)...
I am sure you can use any keyboard(s) with the USB output as long as you install the correct driver.....enjoy...
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