Interaction of Couplers (or lack thereof)

Find out what all those theatre organ console button do
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Jim Henry
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Post by Jim Henry » Sat Mar 01, 2008 7:14 am

In another thread Bill remarked:What I don't understand is that the "Sub Octave", "Unison Off", and the
"Octave" stops do not affect the coupled voices from the "Solo Acc" 
stop when played on the 2nd touch. It must be a pipe organ thing.My reply:The exact operation of couplers on pipe organs can be confusing. One rule is that couplers don't affect each other. Electronic relays can create couplers that affect other couplers but that wasn't done when couplers were implemented mechanically or electro-pneumatically. Its useful because you can register the Solo with the Sub and/or Octave couplers and have a very fully sound on the Solo and then couple Solo to Acc and have a lighter sound on the Acc to which you can add Acc stops.
Jim Henry2008-03-01 09:30:11

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Post by elpaharo » Sat Mar 01, 2008 9:15 am

JimThank you for clearing that up for me. I tried your example and I now see what you mean. I really didn't understand the operation of the Miditzer couplers even though I thought I did. My confusion came from the use of the couplers on analogue organs. Thank you!Bill

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