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Post by Jim Henry » Wed Nov 16, 2005 4:05 pm

Part of getting the theatre organ sound from the Miditzer is playing in
the theatre organ style.  There are very few books that have ever
been published about how to do that and all are out of print.  One
of the best set of books for organists of intermediate ability wanting
an introduction to theatre organ style was a four volume set by William
McMains.  The first two volumes were instructional and the third
and fourth volumes were complete arrangements.  Audio recordings
accompanied each volume.  Everything I know about theatre organ
playing comes from these books.

Cyrus Roton is collecting a list of people who would be interested in
obtaining a licensed reproduction of these materials.  He
estimates the cost will be about $50.  If you are interested, join
the Yahoo! group "theatre organ academy" and go to message 357 for details.

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