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MidiTzer-enhanced pipe organ

Posted: Mon Jan 18, 2016 4:21 pm
by brentmj
Third Baptist in St. Louis has a 72-rank pipe organ. Part of it is 1930 Kilgen, part 1947 Moller, and in 2012 Reuter rebuilt it and added a few new and a couple of vintage ranks. Also unique to this instrument is a Kimball Tibia that was salvaged from the theatre organ that accompanied silent movies at the St. Louis Theatre, just a couple of blocks north of the church, now known as Powell Symphony Hall.

We have a weekly recital series that developed out of our dedicatory events in 2013. A recitalist asked me about the possibility of including some digital percussion for his recital. After a bit of experimentation, I decided that MidiTzer was the best way to go. There was already a computer available from our previous use of Hauptwerk during the rebuild process. I put a single powered speaker in the choir loft, and assigned a few percussion stops to some blanks on the console. It was remarkably successful and I hope we'll be able to use it again! There are a couple of videos of pieces that used the stops on Youtube:

Raymond Scott's Powerhouse, arranged by the performer

Bizet's Carmen Overture, transcribed by Edwin H. Lemare

I believe there's one more video from that program that utilizes the MidiTzer. You can subscribe to the channel to be notified of future videos as they are made available.

Re: MidiTzer-enhanced pipe organ

Posted: Tue Jan 19, 2016 12:32 pm
by Jim Henry
Glad the Miditzer was able to solve your problem! Thanks for sharing.

Re: MidiTzer-enhanced pipe organ

Posted: Sun Feb 26, 2017 11:51 pm
by StentorVox
A few years ago Esq Henry demonstrated how we could substitute some soundfonts for others, and I used this to augment my organ with new stops for an enhanced toy counter that worked very well, replacing some stops of the 260 I could do without. Harpsichord and some others really sounded well.

Before the present rebuild I had added a complete panoply of stops to my 260 using the MIDI sound effects on MIDI channel 10, where each key plays a different sound, from dog barks for "How Much is that Doggie in the Window" to screeching tires for a Jan and Dean Medley to thunder for a rainy day medley.

I have lost those soundfonts, unfortunately (Oh, these awful MS computer updates!), and Bruce Miles who mentored me through the process is no longer with us to help me reiterate what I had done earlier.

So what I have done is add a fourth manual to my organ that is not a connected to the 260, but runs a separate MIDI engine and I set it perform MIDI sound effects or switching it to "General-MIDI," to play orchestral sounds of violins, flutes, oboes, brass choir, etc, that works well,

It's as though a live clarinet instrumental soloist or Yo Yo Ma on cello or brass trio or string quartet was accompanied by the three manuals of the Miditzer 260 playing the organ as it stands.

This could enhance a pipe organ as you have done so well. Maybe I can regain my previous setup. I still prefer the Win 7 to the Win 10 that took over one night while I was sleeping.

Although I have several organs, it all began with the first time I played a Miditzer.

pk @

Re: MidiTzer-enhanced pipe organ

Posted: Tue May 30, 2017 10:45 pm
by StentorVox
Wow! What a sound!
How wonderful wonderful to hear MidiTzer playing theatre tibiae within the classical registrations!

Re: MidiTzer-enhanced pipe organ

Posted: Wed May 31, 2017 7:48 am
by brentmj
Well, actually the Tibia is real on that organ. The only MidiTzer sounds used are the percussion stops.

Re: MidiTzer-enhanced pipe organ

Posted: Thu Jun 01, 2017 10:58 am
by StentorVox
Thanks for that response. It is wonderful to realize the versatility of that instrument.
Having that potential on the organ, PLUS hearing the full panoply of registrations, demonstrates the full expression of sound a pipe organ can provide.


Re: MidiTzer-enhanced pipe organ

Posted: Wed Dec 13, 2017 11:08 am
by Dieter
That's the reason I was drawn to pipe organs. Such versatile instruments. Was it the same for you too, Stentor?

the organ as versatile orchestra

Posted: Wed Jul 04, 2018 11:13 pm
by StentorVox
Well, Dieter, I am a converted conductor (choral / orchestra).
Like Leonard Bernstein, the instrument I "play" is the orchestra!
Although my keyboard skills are meagre, I discovered via MidiTzer the ability to "play" ranks of the organ. I surround my room with many speakers singing the song of the MidiTzer and love to perform classical music through theatre stops of the 260 and orchestral instruments in G-MIDI through a fourth manual.

The joy of conducting instruments (I hired organists and now I AM one), is realized at my own instrument today.
The versatility is awesome. I have created several consoles, including touring instrument to accompany my 12-projector sing-alongs.

The recorder device enables playing (and recording) music, karaoke style. I have interested many other musicians to adopt the MidiTzer; they can be seated at a console to create their own music, composing and performing from the console as through conducting from a podium, recording to convert to print and arranging.


Post by Dieter ยป Re: MidiTzer-enhanced pipe organ = Wed Dec 13, 2017 12:08 pm

That's the reason I was drawn to pipe organs. Such versatile instruments. Was it the same for you too, Stentor?