You need one or moreMIDI keyboards to really play the Miditzer
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Post by TheLPianist » Mon Jun 25, 2018 6:18 am

Hi gentlemen,
i hope you can help me.
I'm italian ( excuse for my bad english).
I have installed your software MIDITSIZER STYLE 150.
i have built a console with 2 BEHERINGER UMX610 and a MIDI PEDALBOARD VISCOUNT.
Everything is well connected with an hub usb. ( the 2 umx610 with cable usb/ the pedalboard with a cable usb-midi).
When i clicked on miditsizer setting for sign the channel , I add the 3 midi input avaible from the left to the the table on the right.
And then?? what channel must i set for the 3 midi input?

ACC – UMX 610 1 – CHANNEL ? - LOW ? - HIGH ? - TRANS ?
SOLO - UMX 610 2 – CHANNEL ? - LOW ? - HIGH ? - TRANS ?

the pedalboard doesn't run..if i play it doesn't play any is mute.

Can you help me? Please?
Thank you very much

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Jim Henry
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Re: problem

Post by Jim Henry » Mon Jun 25, 2018 8:57 am

Hi and welcome to the Miditzer community.

What you have done looks correct. Does anything work?

On the pedal, if you press and release pedals, do LED lights flash on the USB-MIDI cable?

We are not quite there yet, but you will likely need to use the free MIDI-OX software to see what your keyboards are sending to your computer. If you want, you could download and install MIDI-OX and start getting familiar with the software. There is some useful documentation about using MIDI-OX posted here by Greenfox.

It is probably some minor setting needed to get your keyboards working. But it may take a little bit of investigation to figure out what they are. Be patient. We will help you get there!
Jim Henry

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