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Post by Jim Henry » Tue Aug 16, 2005 2:09 am

Bob Arndt has provided my with a sample Miditzer nametag laser engraved
on the same white plastic blank he uses for replica Wurlitzer nametags.
I've posted a picture here:

He sells the Wurlitzer nametags for $12.65 and the cost of a
Miditzer nametag would be in the same ballpark depending on some of the
details of how it is done.

How many people are interested in buying a nametag?

The nametag Bob provided is drilled for two small mounting screws
provided. Does anyone want to screw mount a nametag? If you are
adhesive mounting, how important would it be to have the nametag
supplied with mounting tape? If you are not using the screws, would you
prefer to have two black dots rather than screw holes?

Jim Henry
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