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Welcome to the Miditzer Forum

Post by administrator » Thu May 12, 2005 2:03 am

to the Miditzer Forum.  Please sign up and join the growing number
of Miditzer users.   Here you can ask questions, meet other
users, and learn more about this popular Virtual Theatre Organ.

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Re: Welcome to the Miditzer Forum

Post by Tuneturkey » Wed Sep 13, 2023 5:32 pm

Hello Jim Henry,
My history with Miditzer goes back many years when Misitzer was relatively new. I remember when the John Tay soundfonts came out. during the interveining years I went through multiple stages with virtual organs including Midibox hardware, dedicated sample sets, and on to construction of a full scale theater organ console, with 8 ranks and the trimmings.
At 84 yrs, and retired since 2005, my memory is thin, and I have forgotten alot about miditzer, but decided to re-acquaint myself with the details. As I recall, we excchanged emails and posts on the midibox forum concerning combination action with the Midibox Guru (name not remembered). Actually I still have all the hardware except the wood case which went to the curb while downsizing to a much smaller house.
Anyway, I hope you will be receptive to questions as I go through the re-learning phase. Unfortunately, my old win 95, 7, xp computer colapsed long ago, along with most of the files.
I am impressed with your website and all the information available, and plan to spend time doing a lot of reading.


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