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Resizing pictures

Post by elpaharo » Tue Aug 24, 2010 6:44 am

angelorgan wrote:Hope some of you enjoy this very simple organ. I hope my pictures aren't too big, I couldn't figure out how to resize them.
I've been messing around with the Miditzer since December when I built my bench and keyboard stand- both to AGO standard. But now I feel like I've arrived with my working pedals- which are from a Hammond. I have both reed switches and midibox parts on the way, but for now I have probably the least expensive and possibly craziest way to get pedal sounds. I made contact switches with fat guitar strings,
Pedal Switches.jpg
which connect to the processor in a used PC keyboard, going into Bome's keyboard, midiyoke, and finally the miditzer. I do like the wire contact switches and may continue to use them, but Bome's has to be on top so I can't change any stops while playing.

Look on your computer for Microsoft Office Picture Manager. If you have it you have a real nice tool to modify the size of your pictures.

If you find it then the below instructions will show you how to resize your photos:

Start by Right Clicking the picture file and selecting Open With/Microsoft Office Picture Manager
From the Picture menu select Resize
In the Resize Dialog Box notice the size of the photo. In this example it is 3648 by 2736 pixels. I then selected 12 % in the Percentage of Original box which will reduce the length and width down to 438 by 328 pixels. This will fit nicely into Miditzer's thread manager. Click OK

Now select Save or Save As to finish the resizing operation. Your now ready to upload that photo into MidiTzer.
Note that most Picture Manager/Editors have a resize feature so use whatever one you find on your computer. Also, there are other ways to do this and I am sure you will get more suggestions.

Bill :geek:
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Re: Craig's Small Miditzer

Post by Jim Henry » Tue Aug 24, 2010 9:03 am

If you don't have Microsoft Office Picture Manager, two free programs that make it fairly easy to resize pictures are Picasa from Google and IrfanView. In Picasa you'll find the ability to resize in the Export a picture to your hard disk function.

Try to limit images to no more than 750x600 pixels. If they are larger a link to the image will appear in your message rather than the image itself.
Jim Henry

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