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Post by Jim Henry » Fri Sep 07, 2007 10:04 am

Playing the Miditzer is fun and instructive. But nothing matches the
thrill of of hearing or even playing a real theatre pipe organ!This area has been expanded to include announcements of all types of theatre organ events including open consoles. Many theatre organ
organizations have open console sessions where their members get the
chance to play a real theatre pipe organ. Usually they welcome visitors
too. It is well worth the effort to go to an open console session and
experience the thrill of controlling a musical instrument that fills a
building both with sound and machinery.It also worthwhile to go to hear as many performance of theatre organ music as you can. Hearing other theatre organists is the best way to get ideas and inspiration for what you might do on the theatre organ.Please share any notices of upcoming theatre organ events here! We have members all around the world. Please start your Subject line with the location of the event so everyone will know if this is something they might be able to go to. Below the Subject there is a place to enter the Day, Month, and Year so your event announcement appears on the Calendar. If you select the Calendar item in the upper right of the Forum screen, you will get a calendar with the event announcement Subject lines on it. Try to include a link to site that gives complete information about the event in case you forgot some details.

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